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What is bird's nest child custody and does it work?

One of the many concerns divorcing parents in Kentucky share is the impact their actions will have on their children. Child custody often takes center stage as parents worry about how the divorce will affect their kids. In a time that is already difficult and emotionally challenging, moving the kids from one home to another on a regular basis seems anti-productive. As a result, many parents have begun to consider bird's nest custody as an alternative to traditional child custody arrangements.

Now is the time to think about summer break and child custody

When it comes to divorce, we have learned that it is impossible to plan for every little issue that may arise. Accordingly, we typically advise our clients not to even try this impossible task. It makes much better sense to think clearly about the bigger issues that accompany divorce. Child custody is one of the biggest issues as it has a powerful impact on vulnerable children.

Before making a parenting plan, know these 6 facts

Co-parenting is a challenge for all divorced parents, even those who are on relatively good terms. A sensible parenting plan can go a long way toward establishing a workable arrangement. Here are a few tips for creating a parenting plan for your divorce.

The many child custody arrangements and how they are determined

Child custody agreements are an issue that face both married and unmarried couples. There are two types of child custody: legal custody and residential custody. Legal custody refers to which parent has the legal right to make decisions concerning a child's health, education and general welfare. Residential custody is an agreement that establishes where a child resides for the majority of the time.

Some basics of court adoption processes in Kentucky

It's no secret that adoption can be a stressful and expensive endeavor. Made for television movies, while sometimes dramatizing the process for the sake of ratings, still capture many truths about what it's like to adopt. While adopting a child from an agency or from overseas can be a lengthy and legal-laden process, many people also go through a different type of adoption process.

How is paternity determined?

The process of establishing paternity simply refers to discovering who a child's father is. It's often assumed with married couples, even though this can technically be wrong in some cases, but establishment of paternity may be necessary with unmarried couples, especially when there is a disagreement.

Communication needs don't always go away after divorce

One of the biggest challenges for people in a marriage is communication. When two people have to make big decisions together on a regular basis -- or even just decide who'll make coffee in the morning -- communication issues are almost impossible to expunge completely. Now imagine those same two people going through the end of a marriage, with all the complication, stress and frustration that affords. Communication is essential during and after divorce, but it's still not easy.

Child custody and parenting plans

Child custody and visitation can be a very challenging aspect of divorce and family law. In particular, parents may worry about how they are going to be able to continue to spend time with their children on a regular basis. However, there are some things you can put into place to make this easier. These include taking the time to communicate and co-parent with your ex to make sure you are both acting in your children's best interests.