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Are you trying to avoid litigation in a high asset divorce?

After spending years working and increasing your wealth and assets, you may have planned to retire more than comfortably with your spouse. As the kids left the nest and retirement approached, the two of you may have realized that you no longer want to stay together. You agreed that a divorce would be best for both of you.

Is there any way a couple can divorce in peace?

The answer to your question is yes, with a disclaimer. You must understand that every divorce is unique, involving two individuals with distinct personalities. Sometimes, these two personalities can cooperate with one another in the face of adversity and sometimes they simply cannot. After all, divorce happens for a reason, meaning that many couples that could not "come together" to save a relationship may not be able to work together to end it peacefully.

3 ways domestic violence impacts women in divorce

Domestic violence is a horrible act to live with, and for many families, it is what results in a request for divorce. Domestic violence is a public health problem, with a woman suffering an assault of beating once every nine seconds in the United States. While it's not only women who suffer from abusive partners, they are sometimes more severely impacted by the violence and abuse they've faced.

3 financial tips for Kentucky fathers who are getting divorced

Divorce is hard! You have heard it a thousand times but now you are experiencing it for yourself. Often, the focus on the difficulties of divorce is directed at women, but it is just as hard for men as well. They, too, are losing their family unit and they, too, suffer from the emotional and mental hardships associated with divorce.

Kentucky pro-family judge makes divorce an effort in futility

Although more than 50 percent of marriages end in divorce in the United States, it's not something you plan on when you first get married. That being said, the issue can become further complicated when dealing with a judge who seems to be partial toward preventing someone from exercising his or her right to terminate his or her marriage.

Finding hidden assets in your divorce

One of the most tragic side-effects of getting a divorce is that it can bring out the worst behavior in otherwise kind individuals. Hiding assets from a spouse is one of these behaviors, and it is always against the law. Most of the focus in hiding assets is placed on the husband, but in truth, both women and men can try to hide assets while getting a divorce.

4 things to consider for Kentucky property division

Coming to terms with the property division settlement in a divorce isn't always easy. You probably worked hard to get the things you did and you may have an attachment to them. Knowing about property division in Kentucky can help you to brace for what is to come when you are going through a divorce. It can also help you to have the information you need to make decisions about property division when necessary.

3 reasons to be honest about domestic violence with your attorney

Domestic violence isn't something anyone should have to go through. Physical abuse is just one aspect of it, and there are other types as well. Being clear with your attorney about why you're leaving your spouse is important to your case. Here are three good reasons to do so instead of hiding the real reason that is motivating your divorce.

How can you prepare emotionally before divorce?

Divorce is a major change for most people. Even if it is a relief after years of struggle, it still often comes with a range of emotions and upheaval across your entire life. From social changes to financial struggles, the aftermath of divorce can take a toll. Dr. Jill Weber says that preparing emotionally for divorce can help you overcome that toll and get moving on a more positive future faster.