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Help dividing complex assets

In certain circumstances, property division during a divorce can be very complicated. Complex situations may arise when a divorcing couple owns a business together or when complex assets, such as a family business, must be valuated and divided. A variety of complex assets may need to be divided during the divorce process, including businesses, retirement accounts or investment accounts.

What is marital property?

Marital property is the classification of property that is divided upon divorce which is why it is essential for divorcing couples to understand what marital property refers to. The other common type of property, in additional to marital property, is separate property which is not generally subject to division during a divorce and a third type of property, commingled property, may also come up during the divorce process.

Dividing property in a divorce

There are many reasons a marriage might end in divorce, and most of them involve some unpleasant emotions. However, divorce itself is a legal process, and the bulk of the work in that process is often devoted to property division. This is the process within divorce in which the parties decide on how to divide their assets, including bank accounts, their home, personal items and more.

Family law resources and tools help with property division

The complexities of the property division process are important to understand because familiarity with the process can help divorcing couples know what to expect and hopefully make their property division process less complicated. There are a variety of different types of property to take into account during the property division process, and a number of different family law rules to help.

Addressing retirement concerns during divorce

Going through a divorce can be rough at any stage but older Americans who are divorcing can face a host of challenges. Fortunately, the family law process is available to help guide divorcing couples through their divorce and property division processes and to help them address their concerns, including retirement concerns and how retirement will be impacted by the divorce.

What is considered with property division in a Kentucky divorce?

Divorce is difficult to deal with and residents who are parting ways at the end of a marriage will have a litany of issues. If there are children from the marriage, they will obviously take precedence over everything else. However, property division is also an important part of the proceeding.