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Child custody relocation requests and how to navigate them

Relocating with a child following a divorce can be a challenging proposition, which is why it helps for parents seeking to relocate following a child custody agreement to be familiar with how those requests are handled by the family law court. Different factors are considered when evaluating a relocation request by one of the parents.

Parental relocation basics and what parents should know

When a parent wants to relocate with a child, it can be problematic for the entire child custody situation. Because of how significant a request for relocation can be, it is helpful for parents to be familiar with the different aspects of a relocation request and what the court considers when determining whether or not to grant one.

When can a parent relocate with a child?

Child custody can be a stressful part of the divorce process, but parental relocation can potentially create even more anxiety for parents if a parent wants to relocate with the child. Because relocations are not uncommon following a divorce or separation, it is helpful for parents to understand how the family law process views the issue so that they know what to expect.

Understanding parental relocations

Parental relocation concerns can be a tough issue to address in any divorce setting. By understanding the family law tools and resources available to parents, they can better resolve important concerns related to child custody or parental relocation with less stress and acrimony.