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Can either spouse be ordered to pay maintenance in a divorce?

When a Kentucky couple decides to divorce, there are many issues that will be considered as the proceeding moves forward. This is true whether the couple can negotiate and come to an amicable agreement or there is a contentious court case. Custody of children, property division and more will be considered. One part of the case that is frequently disagreed upon is spousal maintenance. Often, there is a belief that the male spouse will always pay maintenance to a female spouse. However, the law says that either spouse can be ordered to pay maintenance and there are multiple issues that will factor in.

What is irretrievable breakdown in a Kentucky divorce?

Certain terms in a Kentucky divorce might be confusing to many people who are considering moving forward with the end of marriage. These might be important to the case and how it is resolved. One such term is "irretrievable breakdown." The divorce will often hinge on the state of the marriage and if it is believed to be salvageable. Irretrievable breakdown and whether the situation has reached that point is important.

Child support payments can be used for a wide variety of costs

There is a myth out there in the divorce world that says the spouse receiving child support payments has to pay special attention to how he or she uses that money. It's a myth that seems to imply "you can't use this money in most situations." However, just like with all myths, the truth is far different than the story. Child support can't be spent on just anything, but it can be spent on many different bills and costs associated with your child and your family.

Are you trying to avoid litigation in a high asset divorce?

After spending years working and increasing your wealth and assets, you may have planned to retire more than comfortably with your spouse. As the kids left the nest and retirement approached, the two of you may have realized that you no longer want to stay together. You agreed that a divorce would be best for both of you.

3 ways domestic violence impacts women in divorce

Domestic violence is a horrible act to live with, and for many families, it is what results in a request for divorce. Domestic violence is a public health problem, with a woman suffering an assault of beating once every nine seconds in the United States. While it's not only women who suffer from abusive partners, they are sometimes more severely impacted by the violence and abuse they've faced.

4 things to consider for Kentucky property division

Coming to terms with the property division settlement in a divorce isn't always easy. You probably worked hard to get the things you did and you may have an attachment to them. Knowing about property division in Kentucky can help you to brace for what is to come when you are going through a divorce. It can also help you to have the information you need to make decisions about property division when necessary.