Photo of Kenneth L. Gibson Jr.
Photo of Kenneth L. Gibson Jr.
Photo of Kenneth L. Gibson Jr.
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Helping Protect Against Juvenile Crimes

There are many prestigious private schools across the Louisville region. Parents send their kids to these schools to help their kids have a better chance of getting into college. Occasionally, kids make mistakes that result in interactions with law enforcement, which may lead to criminal charges. If this has happened to your son or daughter, we can help.

Gibson Law Offices is a law firm that is committed to protecting your child’s future against charges of juvenile crimes. Our attorney, Ken Gibson, has more than two decades of legal experience helping Kentucky families with these matters. You have direct access to Ken throughout your case, and can reach out to us any time you have concerns about issues that arise.

An Approach Focused On The Future

We know that sometimes good people make bad choices. We see these cases almost every day, so we know how unsettling it can be to be put in this position. Know that we are here to help you. We do not pass judgment on your kids or on your abilities as a parent. Our job is to help you get through this with as little impact as possible. Our practice includes helping defend against juvenile crimes such as:

  • Underage drinking
  • Drug crimes, including drug possession
  • Theft and shoplifting
  • Vandalism and other property crimes
  • Most other juvenile offenses

One mistake should not define your child. We want your kids to have the same opportunities as everyone else. We take our role in these cases seriously, because we understand the potentially devastating impact that this can have upon your child.

Attorney Ken Gibson is known for implementing creative strategies as part of the defense services we provide. We thoroughly investigate each case and will use all options available to us to help protect your child’s rights. At each step in the process, we provide you with detailed information so that you can understand exactly what is happening and what we are doing to help you obtain the best results possible.

Committed To Your Child’s Future

We make every attempt to isolate the damage caused by these charges. To speak to our experienced lawyer, we invite you to call our office at 502-403-2798 or send us an email for your free initial consultation.