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Animal Bites

While most dogs are friendly and great household pets, there is always a danger that one could unexpectedly attack. Dogs and other animals can become agitated for unpredictable reasons. When this happens, serious and deadly injuries can result. At Gibson Law Offices, in Louisville, Kentucky, we provide compassionate and dedicated representation to animal attack victims, ensuring that they get the compensation and medical attention they need.

We are proud of our reputation for approachable and effective representation. If you have a question regarding an animal attack, please contact an honest Louisville dog bite injury lawyer to schedule your free initial consultation.

Kentucky Animal Attack Lawyer

Unfortunately, a large amount of dog and animal attacks occur to children. At our Louisville personal injury law firm, we help both children and adults to recover for all types of animal injuries, including:

  • Bites
  • Clawing
  • Emotional damage

Animal attacks can lead to injuries and scarring that require serious medical treatment. You deserve compensation for the damages you have incurred. We will fight to ensure that you get the maximum recovery you deserve.

Owner Liability for Injuries Caused by Dogs

Dog owners in Kentucky are strictly liable for the injuries that their dogs cause. It does not matter how friendly the owner says the animal is or has been in the past. The fact is that this animal proved itself to be dangerous and serious injuries resulted. It is important to hold the owner accountable so these actions do not occur again.

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