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What is bird's nest child custody and does it work?

One of the many concerns divorcing parents in Kentucky share is the impact their actions will have on their children. Child custody often takes center stage as parents worry about how the divorce will affect their kids. In a time that is already difficult and emotionally challenging, moving the kids from one home to another on a regular basis seems anti-productive. As a result, many parents have begun to consider bird's nest custody as an alternative to traditional child custody arrangements.

Bird's nest child custody keeps the children in the home to which they are accustomed. Instead of shuffling the kids back and forth between residences, the parents take turns residing in the family home with their children. If the parents are willing to use a single separate residence during noncustodial periods, this type of custody may be quite affordable. If the parents each want their own residence during noncustodial periods, the costs will increase.

Lump sum alimony may be a solution in your Kentucky divorce

What does the word alimony make you think of? If you are like most people, you probably think about one spouse making regular monthly payments to his or her ex. What many people fail to understand is that alimony, or spousal support, is much more flexible than it was in bygone days.

Now, divorcing couples can choose from different alimony payment programs. The basics of these programs include: regular open-ended payments, usually on a monthly basis; short-term or rehabilitative maintenance; and temporary support while a divorce is pending.

Your teenager got an MIP - now what?

Part of being a teenager means attending the occasional high school party. You hope that your son will make good decisions when he attends these parties, but you know that peer pressure is always a risk. You expected a slip-up here and there, but you were not ready for him to come with a minor in possession (MIP) charge.

Most states are very strict when it comes to underage kids possessing drugs or alcohol. Part of dealing with MIP charges is understanding what they are and what kinds of consequences your child faces. A Louisville criminal defense attorney can help you take the next steps in defending against your child's charges. Read further for more information on minor in possession charges.

Is there any way a couple can divorce in peace?

The answer to your question is yes, with a disclaimer. You must understand that every divorce is unique, involving two individuals with distinct personalities. Sometimes, these two personalities can cooperate with one another in the face of adversity and sometimes they simply cannot. After all, divorce happens for a reason, meaning that many couples that could not "come together" to save a relationship may not be able to work together to end it peacefully.

With that said, if you and your spouse are both willing, it is indeed possible to minimize conflict, at least long enough to get a divorce decree in Kentucky. Some of the tips in the sections below may help you divorce in as peaceful a manner as possible.

Now is the time to think about summer break and child custody

When it comes to divorce, we have learned that it is impossible to plan for every little issue that may arise. Accordingly, we typically advise our clients not to even try this impossible task. It makes much better sense to think clearly about the bigger issues that accompany divorce. Child custody is one of the biggest issues as it has a powerful impact on vulnerable children.

Most divorcing parents put a lot of effort into creating parenting plans and joint child custody arrangements that meet their child's needs. They often focus so hard on creating an effective everyday schedule that they may overlook special occasions like summer break. Then when April or May approaches, they suddenly realize they have failed to factor summer into their plan.

Is a collaborative law divorce right for you? Points to consider

If you are thinking about getting a divorce, you have probably already heard about how difficult the process can be on an emotional level. We do not want to rehash all of those things that you have already considered. Instead, we like to focus on providing our Kentucky readers and clients with solutions. With that goal in mind, we want to take this opportunity to introduce you to the collaborative law approach to divorce.

Before going further, you should understand that a collaborative law divorce is not for everyone. In marriages that have an unbalanced power dynamic, the process may not yield the results you want. This means that if one or both spouses are particularly hostile to one another, litigation may be the best choice. Additionally, if domestic violence is a factor, collaborative divorce may not work.

Sometimes modifying your child support order is the best solution

Most divorced parents assume that once the court sets forth a child support order it will stay that way until the need for support has ended. Sometimes, this is the case, but other times the original order may require modifications at some point. We will start this blog post by putting forth a couple of examples in which child support modification might be necessary.

Say you are a custodial parent and you lose your job or become ill resulting in major changes to your income. Naturally, this loss of income will affect your ability to care for your children and provide for their needs. You will likely need additional funds to keep your children from suffering hardships.

3 ways domestic violence impacts women in divorce

Domestic violence is a horrible act to live with, and for many families, it is what results in a request for divorce. Domestic violence is a public health problem, with a woman suffering an assault of beating once every nine seconds in the United States. While it's not only women who suffer from abusive partners, they are sometimes more severely impacted by the violence and abuse they've faced.

3 financial tips for Kentucky fathers who are getting divorced

Divorce is hard! You have heard it a thousand times but now you are experiencing it for yourself. Often, the focus on the difficulties of divorce is directed at women, but it is just as hard for men as well. They, too, are losing their family unit and they, too, suffer from the emotional and mental hardships associated with divorce.

Many of those emotional and mental hardships must be addressed on a personal level. However, men can and should seek as much advice as possible about the financial side of ending a marriage. The tips below can help Kentucky dads protect their finances and still make certain their children have everything they need to thrive.

Facing the sensitive subject of alimony in your Kentucky divorce

Attorneys can counsel clients for hours about what to expect during divorce, yet it seems something unexpected or challenging will still happen to complicate matters. Alimony or spousal support is one such issue that can take an otherwise amicable divorce and spin it 180 degrees. While communication between a lawyer and client is a crucial aspect of any legal issue, there comes a time when action takes center stage.

We bring this up because we have served so many spouses in the Louisville region that did not know how to ask for the alimony they deserve. We believe the first step in this process is telling your divorce attorney why you need and deserve spousal support. This requires a frank approach by you followed by honest dialog between you and your lawyer.