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3 ways to explain joint custody to your children

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When parents divorce and get joint custody, children may experience sadness and confusion while adjusting to their new family setup. As kids may have many questions, parents must prepare to converse with them and give proper answers.

Be transparent and reassuring

In Kentucky, the courts presume that joint custody aligns with the best interests of children. But how can you make your children understand this? It is advisable to balance honesty and care when you talk to them about these topics on joint custody:

  • Parental responsibilities of divorced spouses: Divorcees should remind their kids that they will remain parents even if they are not married anymore. They must assure their children that they will continue to take care of them.
  • Co-parenting when making decisions: Parents should inform their children that joint custody requires both of them to agree on legal matters. These include decisions on their kids’ education, health care and religion. Their cooperation in decision-making can show their kids that they are sincere in making co-parenting work.
  • Equal time sharing or visitation via the parenting plan: Co-parenting must also apply to sharing physical custody. Parents should let their children know about their parenting plan. Moreover, they must follow the plan’s schedule and create loving and supportive environments amid the joint custody arrangement.

Another important topic is the divorce itself. Before tackling joint custody, parents should also be open about their divorce. They can explain that they could not fix their problems even if they tried to make amends. They can also add that they will not get back together if their children are still hoping for reconciliation.

Providing solutions to your kids

Going through drastic changes in the family due to divorce may be a challenging time for children. With legal support, you could ease your kids’ situation through joint custody. In addition, effective co-parenting may help your children cope and mature during their growing years.


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