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The effects of divorce on children

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Divorce is an overwhelming experience for everyone involved, especially children. While some families deal with this transition smoothly, others face challenges and eventually affects a child’s well-being and lifestyle.

An emotional rollercoaster

Children of divorce usually experience a range of emotions, including sadness, anger, confusion and fear. They might worry about the future, feel guilty or responsible for the split, or miss spending time with the other parent. The stress of the divorce may also lead to drastic changes in behavior. They may become withdrawn, act out at school, rebel at home, or have difficulty sleeping and eating. A divorce can also interrupt a child’s focus, leading to lower grades and decreased overall academic performance.

Supporting your child through divorce

As parents, you must help your child adjust to the sudden changes in their lives. Honest and open communication is crucial to address their concerns and reassure them that both parents love them.

  • Maintain routines: Children thrive on stability. Maintain routines whenever possible, especially around bedtime and mealtimes. This provides a sense of normalcy during a significant change.
  • Encourage expression: Create an environment where your child feels safe and comfortable to express their emotions. Listen actively, validate their feelings, and let them know it is okay to feel sad, confused or angry.
  • Prioritize both parents: Encourage a healthy relationship with the other parent while dealing with your emotions. Avoid negativity and foster positive interactions between your child and both parents whenever possible.

Always be gentle when speaking to your child and be patient with dealing with them as they may feel overwhelmed with the situation.

Divorce does not have to define your child’s future. With the proper love and support from you, their friends and other family members, they can navigate this challenging time and emerge even stronger and better.


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Photo of Kenneth L. Gibson Jr.