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October 2016 Archives

Some facts and stats about child support

If you've never dealt with the child support process before, you might be surprised at how little you know about fighting for and receiving support. Pop-culture often portrays a skewed picture of how child support really works, and it's important to understand the realities of your case so you can make the best decisions for your children and for yourself. Here's a look at some stats and facts about child support that might surprise you.

How is paternity determined?

The process of establishing paternity simply refers to discovering who a child's father is. It's often assumed with married couples, even though this can technically be wrong in some cases, but establishment of paternity may be necessary with unmarried couples, especially when there is a disagreement.

How do you manage ongoing parental expenses after divorce?

A collaborative divorce can be a very freeing thing. If you and your ex can work together to make major decisions in a civil and cooperative manner, you might find that divorce is less stressful than it could be and that you are both happier with the outcome. While that's not the case for everyone -- and not every situation supports a collaborative effort -- when you can make it work, it sets the stage for continued collaboration.

How can you prepare emotionally before divorce?

Divorce is a major change for most people. Even if it is a relief after years of struggle, it still often comes with a range of emotions and upheaval across your entire life. From social changes to financial struggles, the aftermath of divorce can take a toll. Dr. Jill Weber says that preparing emotionally for divorce can help you overcome that toll and get moving on a more positive future faster.