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November 2018 Archives

Alimony in a Kentucky divorce

Alimony and child support are common concerns during most divorces. Because one spouse commonly earns more money and the other spouse contributes to the family and household in other ways, the financial split during the divorce process can be challenging.

Child custody laws in Kentucky explained

Kentucky's child custody laws are intended to achieve what is in the best interests of the child or, in other words, what is best for the child when a child custody decision is being made. This can help parents rest a little more easily during the child custody process and also help them know what to focus on as well.

Dispute resolution methods that may work for your divorce

Divorce is a lengthy and complex process, as Kentucky readers know, and it might be helpful to consider ways you can minimize complications associated with this process. One way to reduce the stress of this process is to avoid litigation. For some couples, staying out of the courtroom is possible by employing alternative methods of dispute resolution.