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September 2016 Archives

Can you spend child support on anything?

One area of contention between parents when dealing with child support disputes is how the money can be used. Someone paying child support might believe that he or she should not be paying as much because it doesn't seem like the money is going toward items the child needs. At the same time, tracking every dime you spend and showing how it was related to a child's welfare can be tedious or even impossible, and courts understand this.

Dividing business assets after divorce

We've often talked about the need for collaboration during the divorce process. When collaboration is possible, it can reduce the in-fighting and stress of the entire process, and it can make it easier for you and your soon-to-be ex to make decisions that are better for everyone involved, especially if children are a factor. While we know that collaboration isn't possible in every case, one area where it becomes almost critical is when two people own business assets together.

Communication needs don't always go away after divorce

One of the biggest challenges for people in a marriage is communication. When two people have to make big decisions together on a regular basis -- or even just decide who'll make coffee in the morning -- communication issues are almost impossible to expunge completely. Now imagine those same two people going through the end of a marriage, with all the complication, stress and frustration that affords. Communication is essential during and after divorce, but it's still not easy.

Evidence shows social media can be dangerous for marriages

In 2010, a poll of attorneys conducted by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers indicated that 81 percent of divorce cases involved social media in some way. Six years later, social media is an even more prevalent part of our lives, and it can also be part of what causes a marriage to come to an end.