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Evidence shows social media can be dangerous for marriages

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In 2010, a poll of attorneys conducted by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers indicated that 81 percent of divorce cases involved social media in some way. Six years later, social media is an even more prevalent part of our lives, and it can also be part of what causes a marriage to come to an end.

While following tips for better social media use in your marriage won’t save a relationship that is failing for other reasons, it could help you work things out or ensure a more civil divorce if things do come to an end. According to interviews with numerous professionals in the industry, simply being on social media too much is bad for a relationship and can lead to a marriage ending.

It’s not just that people have affairs sparked by social media contact — thought that certainly does happen. Sometimes, couples simply drift apart because they are too caught up in their own social media experience. They might use time that was previously allocated to couple time, such as the hour before going to bed, to chat with online friends or boost follower counts. The loss of communication and time together can be trying for the relationship.

Social media can also lead to jealousy both within the relationship and of other marriages. Connecting with old flames or high school sweethearts on Facebook might seem like a nostalgic thing to do, but be mindful of how it makes your current partner feel. Even if romance has long since died between you and that person, it’s important to be transparent about things. You should also avoid comparing your marriage against the seemingly perfect versions of marriage that show up in friend’s posts — most people don’t post the negative stuff.

Smart social media use isn’t going to save a marriage that really should end for other reasons, but it can save you from some divorce mistakes. Talk to a divorce attorney about how social media can impact the process and what steps you should take to reduce those effects.

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