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February 2017 Archives

3 ways domestic violence impacts women in divorce

Domestic violence is a horrible act to live with, and for many families, it is what results in a request for divorce. Domestic violence is a public health problem, with a woman suffering an assault of beating once every nine seconds in the United States. While it's not only women who suffer from abusive partners, they are sometimes more severely impacted by the violence and abuse they've faced.

3 financial tips for Kentucky fathers who are getting divorced

Divorce is hard! You have heard it a thousand times but now you are experiencing it for yourself. Often, the focus on the difficulties of divorce is directed at women, but it is just as hard for men as well. They, too, are losing their family unit and they, too, suffer from the emotional and mental hardships associated with divorce.

Facing the sensitive subject of alimony in your Kentucky divorce

Attorneys can counsel clients for hours about what to expect during divorce, yet it seems something unexpected or challenging will still happen to complicate matters. Alimony or spousal support is one such issue that can take an otherwise amicable divorce and spin it 180 degrees. While communication between a lawyer and client is a crucial aspect of any legal issue, there comes a time when action takes center stage.

Before making a parenting plan, know these 6 facts

Co-parenting is a challenge for all divorced parents, even those who are on relatively good terms. A sensible parenting plan can go a long way toward establishing a workable arrangement. Here are a few tips for creating a parenting plan for your divorce.

Making sense of what child support is supposed to cover

Child support is a lot more extensive in nature than many people think. It is designed to cover more than just the basic essentials of foods, clothing and shelter. It covers other things as well, including, but not limited to tuition, extracurricular activities, medical expenses and entertainment.