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June 2016 Archives

How does a collaborative divorce work?

With more and more studies showing that high-conflict divorces can take a huge toll on both parties and their children, there has been an increased interest in collaborative law. The collaborative process allows you and your spouse to work together instead of being on opposing sides at a trial in family court.

Seek assistance to deal with custody relocation issues

Last month, we provided some tips for working together to effect a relocation of one or both parents during a custody situation. We noted that some situations call for relocation, such as one parent receiving a job offer in another city or state that simply can't be ignored.

Bringing paternity actions in Kentucky

Often, when discussing child support, we are talking about a situation that involves two people who have decided to divorce or part ways after a relationship and they have a minor child or children together. In such a case, one individual might agree to pay child support to the custodial parent or be ordered to do so by the court.

What payments are considered alimony?

For purposes of determining alimony payments to report on tax returns, the Internet Revenue Service provides some fairly specific breakdowns on what is and is not considered alimony support by the IRS. Child support, for example, is not considered alimony, while payments that cover expenses for a home that you own in joint capacity with your ex-spouse could be considered alimony.

Filing bankruptcy and divorce

While adding another complicated and stressful legal proceeding to your slate at the same time you are dealing with a divorce might seem counterproductive, filing bankruptcy at the right time can actually help you come out of the divorce process with less overall stress. Financial woes are actually very common for people going through divorce or dealing with the aftermath of divorce, and bankruptcy might be the tool you need to create a more viable future.

Reminder: Wear seat belts during summer car travel

Last weekend many people throughout the United States took advantage of the extra day off to see friends and family. Because of the long holiday weekend, it is not uncommon to travel to do so, resulting in more vehicles on the nation's roads. Often those voyages are uneventful. Other times however they end in a traffic accident. Sometimes those accidents are catastrophic.