Seek assistance to deal with custody relocation issues

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Last month, we provided some tips for working together to effect a relocation of one or both parents during a custody situation. We noted that some situations call for relocation, such as one parent receiving a job offer in another city or state that simply can’t be ignored.

While relocation might offer the best possible future for one or more parents and children, it is often still a sensitive subject that should be approached with care. What relocation usually means is an extended absence of one parent from a child’s life or a greater challenge in shared custody. At the very least, it will require an adjustment in parenting from both parties involved and a large adjustment for the child or children, who might be moving away from friends, support structures and current schools.

Challenge doesn’t mean relocation isn’t worth it. In some cases, relocation is the only viable choice for one parent. Approaching what can be an emotionally charged situation from all perspectives via legal routes is also difficult but essential. Ultimately, relocation in such situations is a child custody matter.

Our firm works with you, providing experience and training that cuts through the emotions of the moment. Via collaborative law, we can help both spouses get through a negotiation about relocation or work with you to present your side of a negotiation so a relocation can happen. In cases where you believe relocation is not a good answer for your children, we can also help you fight for a different custody arrangement that keeps children in their home cities despite whether or not a spouse relocates.

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