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April 2018 Archives

Does the "tender years" doctrine still apply in custody matters?

In Kentucky and many other jurisdictions throughout the country, child custody decisions are made based on the subjective interests of the children in question. That is to say, the best interests of the child guide how a court will resolve their custodial care following their parents' divorce. Since different children have different needs, their custodial arrangements can take on very different forms.

Child support payments can be used for a wide variety of costs

There is a myth out there in the divorce world that says the spouse receiving child support payments has to pay special attention to how he or she uses that money. It's a myth that seems to imply "you can't use this money in most situations." However, just like with all myths, the truth is far different than the story. Child support can't be spent on just anything, but it can be spent on many different bills and costs associated with your child and your family.

Business valuation may prove vital during property division

Knowing the value of your business or your spouse's business can have many uses. In the event that the business needs selling or simply for projecting future revenue, understanding the company's value and assets could hold great importance. On a more personal level, understanding business valuation may also prove useful in the event of divorce.