Child support payments can be used for a wide variety of costs

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There is a myth out there in the divorce world that says the spouse receiving child support payments has to pay special attention to how he or she uses that money. It’s a myth that seems to imply “you can’t use this money in most situations.” However, just like with all myths, the truth is far different than the story. Child support can’t be spent on just anything, but it can be spent on many different bills and costs associated with your child and your family.

The money you receive for child support can, and obviously should, be spent on the essentials. More precisely, your child support can be used on things such as clothing for your child, providing rent or mortgage money to ensure a roof is over their heads, and to make sure that food is on the table.

Beyond the basics though, child support can pay for your child’s education, including any fees associated with schooling or for supplies that they need. Child support can also pay for medical expenses, even if the expenses incurred are uninsured.

And then there are bunch of extraneous costs that child support can cover. For example, did you take your child out for a movie? Does your child need money for a bus fare? What about a new video game console or a sports club or after-school activity? These things will all cost some money, and child support can cover them.

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