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Photo of Kenneth L. Gibson Jr.
Photo of Kenneth L. Gibson Jr.


Does divorce require a separation agreement?

Each divorce is unique, based on the couple's circumstances. They might choose to file for divorce after meeting the required duration of separation. However, some couples could create an agreement for their separation while not yet eligible for divorce. This document...

What can I expect in divorce mediation?

Sometimes, parties to a divorce opt for mediation instead of going to court, which can be lengthy and costly. Mediation is an informal process that aims to establish a satisfactory agreement between ex-partners, with or without a legal representative. But even if...

How quickly can a divorce be finalized in Kentucky?

Divorce procedures can take a long time which can be expensive and emotionally tiring. You may want to have your divorce finalized as soon as possible to move on with your life. An uncontested divorce, where the two parties agree on key issues, is often the quickest...

Differing financial views could lead to divorce 

Finances and divorce are often heavily intertwined. For one thing, you do have to divide your finances when you get a divorce. But financial issues often cause the split, as well. One example is if one person loses their job and the family then struggles to make ends...

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Photo of Kenneth L. Gibson Jr.