Facing the sensitive subject of alimony in your Kentucky divorce

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Attorneys can counsel clients for hours about what to expect during divorce, yet it seems something unexpected or challenging will still happen to complicate matters. Alimony or spousal support is one such issue that can take an otherwise amicable divorce and spin it 180 degrees. While communication between a lawyer and client is a crucial aspect of any legal issue, there comes a time when action takes center stage.

We bring this up because we have served so many spouses in the Louisville region that did not know how to ask for the alimony they deserve. We believe the first step in this process is telling your divorce attorney why you need and deserve spousal support. This requires a frank approach by you followed by honest dialog between you and your lawyer.

You should always feel free to discuss sensitive topics with your attorney. Your fear of financial hardships following the divorce is one of these sensitive topics. In many marriages, one spouse has sacrificed more than the other for the sake of the family. If the marriage should end, that spouse deserves spousal support or maintenance to become a productive part of the community again.

In these modern times, that is alimony’s greatest purpose: To assist one spouse in getting back on his or her feet after being financially dependent on another person. If you meet the requirements for alimony in Kentucky, then you have every right to petition the courts for support.

We know it is not always easy to ask for alimony, but one of the roles your divorce lawyer fills is that of an objective confidant. Nothing is ever off the table in lawyer/client discussions and you are never judged on your situation. Please visit our website to find additional information about alimony in Kentucky.

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