Child custody laws in Kentucky explained

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Kentucky’s child custody laws are intended to achieve what is in the best interests of the child or, in other words, what is best for the child when a child custody decision is being made. This can help parents rest a little more easily during the child custody process and also help them know what to focus on as well.

Parents are encouraged to reach a child custody agreement on their own but if they are unable to do so, the family law court will help them reach a child custody arrangement that is best for the child and that determines who the child will live with, what the visitation and co-parenting schedule will be like and who will make major decisions for the child. The court will first look to what is in the best interests of the child when making any of these decisions.

The factors the court will consider when making a child custody determination include the wishes of both the child and parent; the parent’s ability to parent the child; the emotional bonds between the parents and child; and what will be required for the child to adjust to a new community, neighborhood or school. Any evidence of abuse in the family will also be considered. Both joint custody and sole custody are child custody arrangements used in Kentucky based on what is in the best interests of the child.

Sometimes, when parents do not agree and are unable to agree, child custody can be a challenge. It is a challenge it is important for parents to understand how to solve and be able to solve for the sake of their children and what is in their best interests. As a result, understanding the child custody process and how it can help can be beneficial for both parents and their children.

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