Photo of Kenneth L. Gibson Jr.
Photo of Kenneth L. Gibson Jr.
Photo of Kenneth L. Gibson Jr.
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Custody And Visitation

Kentucky Child Visitation Lawyer Protecting Your Rights And Your Children

We would like to think that everyone keeps the children’s interest uppermost in mind during divorce proceedings — but that is not always the case. As an attorney trained in collaborative law, Ken Gibson is skilled at negotiating and working out a compromise that is equitable to all concerned. If the children are made a priority, many other decisions fall into place more easily.

Gibson Law Offices, located in Louisville, Kentucky, focuses on family law, including divorce. When a divorce includes children, special care should be taken. An initial reaction is often “I want sole custody” but that initial reaction can change when work schedules, health issues, homework realities and other matters are calmly considered.

Child Custody And Visitation Considerations

Visitation is an old-fashioned term still in use for instances in which one parent has sole physical custody. If there are past instances of domestic violence, the court may provide for supervised visitation by the noncustodial parent. Most divorcing couples fall into a few main custody categories with regards to their children.

  • Joint custody — Both parents required to make legal decisions regarding medical care, education, religious schooling and a few other matters and both parents share physical custody according to a parenting plan or schedule
  • Sole physical custody/joint legal custody — Both parents required to make medical decisions but the children live with one parent with visitation by the noncustodial parent (every other weekend is common)
  • Sole physical/sole legal custody — A rare arrangement where one parent is responsible for all physical and legal aspects of the children’s well-being (in cases of child abuse or domestic violence for example)

Establishing Parenting Plans

As your law firm, we can help you develop a parenting plan for joint custody that takes into account work schedules, school schedules, vacation time, holidays, medical needs and other major time considerations. This agreement becomes part of your divorce proceedings and can be modified later if the situation changes substantially.

Free Initial Consultation To Move Forward

Gibson Law Offices has experience with child custody arrangements/modifications and visitation/parenting plan negotiations. We offer legal help that can help you move forward and leave your legal troubles behind. Call our number, 502-403-2798 for a free initial consultation or send our lawyer an email using the contact form.