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Photo of Kenneth L. Gibson Jr.
Photo of Kenneth L. Gibson Jr.
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Tractor-Trailer Accidents

Here For You After A Serious Kentucky Trucking Accident

Accidents involving tractor-trailers and semitrucks often result in serious personal injury or death. There are different laws that apply to tractor-trailer drivers than apply to regular drivers. Understanding and acquiring the relevant information can be extremely difficult. Add to that, the trucking companies are likely to have a team of lawyers handling the case before you arrive home. That is why it is so important for you to contact personal injury attorney Ken Gibson immediately following your semi crash.

Are you seeking a truck accident lawyer in Louisville? Call us at 502-403-2798 to schedule an appointment. We offer you the comfort of a free initial consultation and the security of no fee or payment required until we make a recovery on your case!*

Maximizing Compensation For Truck Accident Injuries

At Gibson Law Offices, we manage your truck accident claim to help maximize the recovery you receive. Insurance companies are quick to offer settlements following trucking accidents. While they sound enticing, the settlement amount is often far less than what you are entitled to receive. We encourage you to take care of your health while we build your case. Our firm will put forth the time and resources to put together a case that not only addresses your needs now, but also takes into consideration future medical bills and lifelong suffering.

Who Is At Fault For The Truck Crash?

Part of our role is to identify the party at fault for the semi crash. This can be especially complex in trucking accidents because more than one party — the truck driver, the manufacturer of the vehicle parts and the trucking company — may be at fault.

For example, federal trucking regulations were put in place to help keep truck drivers and others on the road safe. One of these regulations controls how many hours a truck driver can be on the road in a given period. The trucking company may ignore driving hours and schedule a driver for delivery. Or, the driver may fail to abide by driving hours in order to make a deadline. We help identify all parties at fault and sources of compensation to seek the full recovery our clients deserve.

Our efforts have led to several successful verdicts and awards for truck accident victims suffering from serious injuries such as:

  • Head trauma (traumatic brain injuries)
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Amputations
  • Broken bones
  • Burns
  • Wrongful death of a family member

Gibson Law Offices is known for the personal attention and service we offer clients. You will work directly with experienced attorney Ken Gibson and his paralegal Norma. They will remain accessible to you throughout the duration of your case to answer all of your questions and concerns.

Free Initial Consultation With A Tractor Trailer Accident Lawyer

If you were injured in a truck accident with a semitruck or other type of commercial vehicle, contact Gibson Law Offices for legal help. Attorney Gibson will put nearly 20 years of experience to work helping you move forward and recovering the compensation you deserve. Call our number, 502-403-2798, for a free initial consultation with our lawyer, or email our personal injury firm.

*Court costs and case expenses will be the responsibility of the client if there is a recovery.