Alimony in a Kentucky divorce

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Alimony and child support are common concerns during most divorces. Because one spouse commonly earns more money and the other spouse contributes to the family and household in other ways, the financial split during the divorce process can be challenging.

Family law resources help divorcing couples as their financial picture changes during divorce and helps them work out various support issues including alimony and child support. Because property division in Kentucky focuses on equitable property division, the family law process will help the divorcing couple reach an equitable financial solution. Because alimony can be a contentious issue during divorce, it is helpful to understand the process and how to reach an outcome all parties can live with.

Different considerations will be evaluated when considering an alimony award. The income of each spouse and the disparity in income between the two spouses will be considered, along with the length of marriage, medical considerations and the ability of the spouse requesting alimony support to earn an income. Additionally, there are several different types of alimony that may be available including temporary maintenance, rehabilitative maintenance, open-ended maintenance and closed-ended maintenance.

Divorcing spouses, either requesting alimony or opposing an alimony request, should be familiar with the different types of alimony available and how a determination to award alimony, for how much and how long, is made. There are a variety of financial concerns during divorce including property division, alimony and child support so divorcing spouses should be familiar with how the family law process helps them handle all of these important concerns.

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