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How can you prepare emotionally before divorce?

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Divorce is a major change for most people. Even if it is a relief after years of struggle, it still often comes with a range of emotions and upheaval across your entire life. From social changes to financial struggles, the aftermath of divorce can take a toll. Dr. Jill Weber says that preparing emotionally for divorce can help you overcome that toll and get moving on a more positive future faster.

She recommends preparing across several aspects of your life. It’s important to plan financially if you can, because divorce can have an impact on your access to funds, your income, your expenses and your credit score. If you can save up as you approach a divorce, you might be in a better situation for starting over. If you are going through a collaborative divorce, work together to ensure both of you have enough to live on.

Dr. Weber says you should take time to grieve. Even if divorce is something you want — something you need to ensure a happier life — it still symbolizes the end of something in your life. Take time to mourn whatever you might be losing so that you can move on to concentrating on what you are gaining.

Finally, know that you aren’t the only one who might be experiencing emotional upheaval. Children are emotionally vulnerable during divorce too, and tuning them out or trying to hide the issues from them can make that worse. Instead, Dr. Weber says to pay attention to your kids, explain things in an honest but age-appropriate way, and don’t try to negate their relationship with the other parent.

While you prepare emotionally don’t forget to prepare legally for divorce. A Louisville divorce lawyer can help you navigate the process for a better chance at a positive outcome.

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