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Some facts and stats about child support

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If you’ve never dealt with the child support process before, you might be surprised at how little you know about fighting for and receiving support. Pop-culture often portrays a skewed picture of how child support really works, and it’s important to understand the realities of your case so you can make the best decisions for your children and for yourself. Here’s a look at some stats and facts about child support that might surprise you.

Not everyone who pays child support is a man. In fact, as of 2012, 15 percent of people making support payments were women and that number has likely grown as gender roles in families have continued to evolve.

Many parents who are legally owed support never receive any money from the other parent. As of 2012, that figure was 30 percent. The reasons some custodial parents never see any child support can range from the other parent failing to pay or actively trying to get out of paying to the custodial parent purposefully not seeking support via legal means. For some people, the fight over support might seem too scary or overwhelming, which is why having a family law professional on your side is important. A lawyer can help you get the support you need to provide for your children.

National guidelines don’t exist for how child support should be calculated. In many cases, these guidelines are issued at the state level, which means there are major differences in child support requirements based on where you live.

Finally, child support is not legally tied to visitation generally. Despite what friends and family might tell you, you can’t stop the other parent from seeing his or her children simply because they are behind on or refuse to pay child support.

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