The costs of a divorce trial

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A divorce trial is always an option when Kentucky spouses cannot settle their case. However, they need to know the impacts that a trial would have on every aspect of their lives before they elect to go to court. Divorce trials are in no way easy and should only be a last resort when there is no agreement.

Divorce trials take a lot of time and cost a great deal of money. Courts will only schedule trials far out in the future. By the time the divorcing spouses conduct discovery and get the judge to schedule the hearing, a year has passed in many cases. All of that time also adds up to money. Trials will require numerous hours of a lawyer’s time to prepare. Moreover, any time that someone is dealing with a court process, there is stress involved. That can overtake almost every other aspect of life.

A divorce trial can also lead to a permanent rupture in the spouses’ relationship. Where this is problematic is if they have children whom they need to co-parent together. An individual needs to weigh all of these costs against what they hope to gain from a trial. It is only worth it in a handful of cases. Usually, spouses are best off when they settle their case. This is reflected by the overwhelming percentage of cases that settle without a court hearing.

A family law attorney may be able to help their client stay out of court by guiding them toward a settlement agreement. The lawyer may handle negotiations with the other side and give their client realistic counsel. This advice might keep their client grounded and reasonable during negotiations without letting emotions take over. Of course, if the case does go to trial, the attorney may be able to represent their client as the case goes in front of a judge.

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