Planning for probate during the divorce process

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For some people, it’s all they can do to get through a divorce process and move on with their lives. It’s important, though, to think about the rest of your life and how you want to move on. To protect yourself and your heirs now and throughout the future, it helps to be able to think ahead all the way to end-of-life decisions as you make divorce arrangements.

We understand that it’s difficult enough to face divorce or end-of-life decisions on their own and most people are not going to want to lump all these stressful legal matters together. You certainly don’t need to make all decisions about a will or estate matters during your divorce, but it might be a time to revisit decisions you made before about assets, wills and heirs. Our firm is experienced in both types of law matters, so we can help you address areas that might be of importance as you work through a collaborative divorce.

For example, if you already planned for an estate and you have joint assets in trust, we can help you understand what options you might have for managing those assets now that you are not going to be together. Another area that often calls for consideration is what assets will go to which heirs. This is especially true if one or both of you have children from previous marriages. If you planned to leave certain assets to those children and said assets are now changing hands during the divorce, you’ll have to revisit your will or estate plans.

Sometimes it’s simply a matter of considering all the small details — something that can be difficult to do even in the most civil of divorces because of the emotions involved. We can help you ensure all details are covered, such as changing life insurance beneficiaries.

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