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Reasons you’re not going to regret splitting up

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When people are mulling over divorce, one of the biggest things they’re concerned about is regret. What if they look back in 12 months and wish they’d stayed together? While all situations are different, there are some key reasons why you won’t regret calling it off.

First, there could be a significant lack of trust in your relationship. Maybe your spouse was not faithful to you. Maybe it happened time and time again. A relationship like this may never get back to the point where it is strong enough to go on. This is especially true if your spouse never really expressed regret — maybe only feeling angry that he or she got caught — and it’s just going to happen again.

Of course, if there is domestic violence or any type of abuse in the relationship, you’re also not going to regret getting out. People often stay too long, hoping it will end on its own and time will heal all wounds, and this sometimes has tragic results. Remember, abuse doesn’t always have to be physical at first. It could be financial, sexual or emotional.

Divorce gives you a chance to learn about yourself and reinvent yourself. Perhaps you were stuck with someone who was abusive for years, and you let him or her call all the shots. Even when divorce isn’t what you’d hoped for, you’re not going to regret getting out of a marriage like that and growing as an individual.

If you think it’s time to get divorced, especially as a way to escape abuse or mistreatment, you need to know what legal steps to take in Kentucky.

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