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Finding hidden assets in your divorce

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One of the most tragic side-effects of getting a divorce is that it can bring out the worst behavior in otherwise kind individuals. Hiding assets from a spouse is one of these behaviors, and it is always against the law. Most of the focus in hiding assets is placed on the husband, but in truth, both women and men can try to hide assets while getting a divorce.

Unfortunately, many people are unaware these illegal activities are taking place. Perhaps your spouse has always hidden assets from you, in which case you would never know he or she is still doing so in your divorce. Or, your spouse could have started trying to hide assets when the topic of divorce was first broached.

Those who suspect their spouses are hiding assets should start searching for them as quickly as possible in order to receive a fair divorce settlement in Kentucky. Below are a few places to begin your search.

— Computer history check: If you have access to your spouse’s computer, try searching his or her browsing history for hidden financial accounts.

— Review banking accounts: Keeping a very close eye on your joint accounts helps you spot it if money starts to disappear with no explanation.

— Watch spending habits: If your spouse begins to make large yet nonessential purchases, this could be a red flag that your accounts are about to dry up.

— Search the home: Sometimes, people hide assets in the most unlikely places, such as right in the family home. Check hidey-holes for possible stashes of cash and other assets.

Finally, you can engage a professional to help you locate possible hidden assets. Your divorce lawyer is great candidate due to the experience he or she has in helping clients emerge unscathed from divorce.

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