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Is there any way a couple can divorce in peace?

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The answer to your question is yes, with a disclaimer. You must understand that every divorce is unique, involving two individuals with distinct personalities. Sometimes, these two personalities can cooperate with one another in the face of adversity and sometimes they simply cannot. After all, divorce happens for a reason, meaning that many couples that could not “come together” to save a relationship may not be able to work together to end it peacefully.

With that said, if you and your spouse are both willing, it is indeed possible to minimize conflict, at least long enough to get a divorce decree in Kentucky. Some of the tips in the sections below may help you divorce in as peaceful a manner as possible.

Legal representation: You likely already know that a lawyer invaluable provides assistance with the legal issues prevalent in divorce, but there are additional benefits as well. One of these benefits is serving as a sort of barrier between you and your ex. Often, the less you have to interact with your spouse, the more peaceful the divorce can be.

Cultivate respect. While this is often easier said than done, if you can develop a working mutual respect for one another during the proceedings, it can go a long way towards minimizing or even eliminating unnecessary conflict.

Let go of the little things: When overcharged emotions are a factor, such as in a divorce, it is easier than you may think to make a mountain out of a molehill. Listen to your lawyer and accept his or her advice on which issues are worth battling over and which issues are better left alone.

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