Sometimes modifying your child support order is the best solution

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Most divorced parents assume that once the court sets forth a child support order it will stay that way until the need for support has ended. Sometimes, this is the case, but other times the original order may require modifications at some point. We will start this blog post by putting forth a couple of examples in which child support modification might be necessary.

Say you are a custodial parent and you lose your job or become ill resulting in major changes to your income. Naturally, this loss of income will affect your ability to care for your children and provide for their needs. You will likely need additional funds to keep your children from suffering hardships.

Now, say you are a noncustodial parent who makes monthly child support payments. If the same circumstances discussed above—loss of job or major illness—happen to you, it will likely affect your ability to pay your support obligations. This, in turn, could cause your children to experience hardships and it could land you in hot water as well.

In both situations, either parent can request a support order modification on a temporary or permanent basis. We want to make sure you understand that you must request the modification through the same court that made the original support order. If you and your former spouse try to handle the matter without making a formal request, it could lead to legal and financial difficulties.

Many divorced parents in the Louisville region of Kentucky struggle with child support issues. We can tell you from experience that having a legal representative on your side can ease many of the difficulties associated with child support. Please see our website if you need additional information.

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