Understanding parental relocations

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Parental relocation concerns can be a tough issue to address in any divorce setting. By understanding the family law tools and resources available to parents, they can better resolve important concerns related to child custody or parental relocation with less stress and acrimony.

Because life does not remain he same following a divorce and a divorce settlement agreement, there may be a need to make changes to a divorce settlement. It may be necessary to seek a modification of a child support order or a child custody agreement. Parental relocation may be one situation when a change to the original child custody agreement is needed or sought.

Reasons a parent might seek a change in child custody based on a parental relocation can include when one parent has received a good job offer that would require them to relocate to another state; one parent or a family member becomes ill and requires family support necessitating a move to another city or state to receive that support; one parent lost their job and after time spent unemployed was able to find another job but the job would require an out-of-state relocation; or if one of the parents remarries and their new spouse’s job or military service takes them out of state.

The need to relocate can be both unexpected and necessary, however, the other parent may oppose the relocation and emotions can get heated. Fortunately, legal resources are available to help parents work through these concerns while always remaining focused on what is in the best interests of the child.

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