Tips for successfully co-parenting

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Modification following divorce are important to understand and may include a child custody modification or a child support modification. Life seldom remains the same following a divorce which is why understanding family law resources to help with post-divorce modifications is important.

In both circumstances of child support modifications and child custody modifications, typically a significant change in circumstances for either the parents or the child may warrant a child custody or child support modification. A significant change in circumstances for child support purposes could include the loss of a job, a change in household income, a change in marital status or a serious injury. A change in the needs of the child could also warrant a child support modification.

A significant change in circumstances for child custody purposes could include a job change, housing change or a change in the household or needs of the needs of the child. When seeking any type of post-divorce modification, it is important to document the need for the change but to also to continue to abide by the current order until a modification has been granted by the family law court. It is also important to promptly seek the modification from the family law court once the parent knows it will be needed.

It is always possible for parents to reach an agreement related to a child custody or support modification but if they are unable to do so, the family law court provides resources to guide them through their modification request or in circumstances when one parent wants to oppose the modification request. Familiarity with family law resources to help with any and every post-divorce modification concern is helpful for the challenges parents and families may face.

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