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Photo of Kenneth L. Gibson Jr.
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Is it possible to reduce the complications of divorce?

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Divorce is not an easy process, even for couples that resolve to be amicable and work through issues in a reasonable manner. However, there are ways that a person going through divorce can ease the complications of this process and reduce the stress that many experience. If you are getting ready to initiate this process, it may be helpful for you to learn about ways to make it as easy as possible. 

Every divorce is different, and it can be helpful to first identify your goals before you move forward with this process. When you understand your rights and what to expect, you can reduce the chance of having to resort to stressful and complex litigation. It is not simple to extricate two lives and end a marriage, but it is possible that you can emerge with a strong post-divorce future intact. 

Things to consider before you move forward 

Divorce involves complex feelings and difficult emotions. However, how you feel now toward your spouse is not necessarily a good basis for making decisions that could impact your future. Instead of allowing temporary feelings to dictate the decisions you make, it might be beneficial to consider the following reminders: 

  • Litigation is not the only option – It might be possible to reach a resolution out of court. Through mediation, negotiations and discussions, you can avoid some of the expense and stress of a court battle.
  • Children should not be in the middle – It is best for the children if parents work for a final custody order that protects the children’s interests above all else. It can be detrimental to put kids in the middle of divorce disputes.
  • Getting even is not the point – Despite hard feelings toward your spouse, the goal of your divorce is not to get revenge. It is beneficial to keep your focus on securing a strong and stable future.
  • Know your finances – It can be helpful for you to know about your finances and to know how you can pursue a fair share of all marital property in a divorce. A good place to start is to familiarize yourself with your finances, accounts and even long-term savings. 

It is prudent to prepare for the divorce process. This can help you make informed choices and be intentional about the terms of the final divorce settlement. Before you make any important decisions or move forward with filing divorce papers, it can be helpful to discuss your case with an experienced Kentucky family law attorney.


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Photo of Kenneth L. Gibson Jr.