What are the signs of a marriage in trouble?

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While all marriages experience rough patches every now and then, some occurrences point to a marriage in serious trouble. Being able to recognize problematic signs allows you to take the steps to save your marriage if that’s what you and your spouse desire. It can also prepare you for divorce if you believe the end of your marriage is imminent.

According to Business Insider, withdrawal from a relationship is a huge issue. When both parties withdraw and allow communication to break down, there is little hope of resolution. In other cases, one person may shut down while the other continues reconciliation attempts. While these attempts may be genuine, they’ll only serve to push away a spouse even further.

Communication problems can also manifest in other ways. It’s natural to want to share things with your spouse, whether it’s just daily occurrences of special news. When marital problems reach their zenith both spouses may cease communicating about anything. At some point, both parties fail to care that communication has completely stopped. This indifference is very destructive to a marriage, as couples tend to break apart at this point and seek fulfillment outside of the marriage.

Money issues can also be extremely damaging. For example, one person might make unnecessary purchases and put the couple in financial peril. One spouse may also attempt to hide money, which can lead to much strife. Large amounts of debt can also cause anxiety, with the more financially responsible spouse feeling resentful that their partner isn’t contributing. It can also be a matter of trust, and as trust is eroded it’s less likely that a marriage can be salvaged.

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