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Five warning signs of divorce

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Though some go into marriage with already wet feet, most don’t foresee divorce in their future, but nonetheless, it’s a commonality in our society.

What leads to divorce? A lot of things. The big three? Infidelity, domestic violence and substance abuse according to a study conducted and published in the Journal of Couple and Family Psychology. The top three aren’t a surprise. Partners don’t want to be cheated on, abused or consistently, year after year, deal with a spouse with a substance addiction that can increase the chances of infidelity and/or domestic abuse.

What are other common warning signs of divorce?

  1. Being overly affectionate early on: A report by the University of Texas at Austin stated an extreme amount of affection early on in a marriage can lead to major stagnation as the years move forward. there is nothing wrong with affection, as an emotional and physical connection must be present for relationships to flourish, but it’s also important to stay level when investing in and learning about each other.
  2. Unachievable expectations: You’re married. One of your dreams has come true and you want to spend every second with your new husband built on lavish dates and other fantastic happenings. If you want to stay together, you must quell those expectations. Marriages are real-life relationships, and real-life relationships have grand ups and sobering downs. there will be great times and times that test your patience and love for your spouse.
  3. Poor communication: Use your words. Holding in your opinions and thoughts doesn’t aid a solution. Nearly 500 couples listed communication shortfalls and growing apart as the two most common reasons why they asked for a divorce.
  4. Financial difficulties: As much as stable jobs, a decent income and your investment and housing interest come into play for financial security, as does communication. You and your spouse need to understand each other’s financial situations and agree upon financial interests and steps to take to ease your financial worries and stress.
  5. Trust issues: Trust is always key to a great relationship. When trust deteriorates, the relationship begins to quickly suffer.  Open up to your partner about your fears, hopes, dreams, stresses and anything else that you feel could strengthen your relationship and trust in each other. Emotional predictability is beneficial for a relationship.

The common denominator of flourishing marriages and the above divorce warning signs is effective communication. It can be difficult to let your partner in on your highs and especially your lows, but to carry your marriage through the decades ahead, and do so happily, you must learn to effectively communicate.





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