How can I help my child through a post-divorce move?

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Kids have to go through a lot of changes during and after a divorce. It can be a sad situation since they did not ask for this to happen. As a parent, it is your job to minimize the effects of the divorce. You need to do everything possible to help make the transitions easy. However, a common effect is having to move. Whether you are moving across town or out of Kentucky, it is essential that you find a way to make it less traumatic on your children.

According to USA Today, you may have no control over the move as it may be something you have to do as a result of the divorce or due to a job, but that does not mean that your kids will see it this way. Kids may look for someone to blame, and you are an easy target. To help avoid such issues and other problems that may come with this huge change, you need to make sure your children understand why the move has to happen.

Explain things to them in terms they understand, and keep conversations age-appropriate. You may be able to tell older children a lot more about the situation than you can tell younger children. The goal, though, is to be honest about things. You may want to discuss how the move will affect them. Assure them that they can rebuild in the new location.

You should also give them time to prepare for the move. Do not spring it on them. Give them a chance to say goodbye to friends and to go through their personal items and choose things to take along with them. This information is for education and is not legal advice.

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