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Is my spouse having an online affair?

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2019 | divorce | 0 comments

Many people spend large portions of their day online, either on social media pages or just via general web browsing. Some people even conduct affairs online, right from the comfort and convenience of their own home. While online affairs don’t always constitute physical contact, they can be just as damaging to a marriage when discovered. That’s why Very Well Mind suggests looking for the following signs of an online affair.

Defensiveness about computer use

There are a lot of things to do online, which tends to make the family computer a hub of activity. A person who’s having a cyber affair might suddenly become defensive about his or her use of the computer, especially when time spent online has increased a great deal in recent months. It’s also alarming when a person requests privacy when using the computer, as most married couples are open about their online activities.

Changes in mood & demeanor

Of course, some people have a natural urge for privacy that would explain the above behavior. Moodiness is another issue altogether, one that often accompanies online and in real life affairs. Your partner may be irritated or upset for no reason at all. He or she may also express frustration when you question his or her activities. Physical and emotional intimacy also diminishes when infidelity is occurring.

Increased secrecy

If you have a shared computer in the home, pay attention to the browsing history. Is it frequently wiped clean after your spouse uses it? Is the device password-protected when it wasn’t before? Does your spouse frequently hide his or her phone while using it? These signs are most troubling when they arise seemingly out of nowhere.


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