The right relocation strategy for your family

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Relocation is a common occurrence after divorces in Kentucky. However, your situation would introduce different types of concerns dependent on where you are in your life. At Gibson Law Offices, we are prepared to support our clients regardless of their family situation. To illustrate that point, this article will look at the typical effects of relocation on young parents, families with teenagers and couples in late adulthood.

We find that families with young children tend to need increased planning around visitation, even if both spouses agree on major custody issues. This is especially true if air travel will be involved in the schedule of visits. Chaperoning children on flights represents extra costs, whether those costs come in the form of the airline stewardship programs or in the form of additional tickets and lodging for family members accompanying children.

For teenagers, you may have to take a more collaborative approach, depending on the situation. Older children tend to have more established social ties, but they may not completely understand the necessity for a move or for a divorce. We strive to take the whole family’s needs into account, providing context and information that could help ease this type of disorienting transition.

For older couples, especially those without cohabitating children, we find it becomes more likely that both spouses want to move away. This type of relocation often necessitates selling the marital home. When this is combined with the details of the relocation, the division of other investment assets and so on, the property division part of divorce later in life might be considerably complex.

We understand how important it is that you get a fair deal in your divorce. That is why we take every case on an individual basis, addressing the unique concerns of each family. Please continue on our main website to read more.

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