Should you get a child custody evaluation?

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It is never easy to create a parenting plan and figure out custody in a divorce in Kentucky. However, the process is even more difficult if you have to deal with a spouse who is being difficult or refuses to compromise. In such a case, the court will have to step in to make the decision on custody for you. The court always makes its decisions in the best interests of the children. This may involve consulting experts who can give their opinions on what is best for your children. 

The American Psychological Association explains a child custody evaluation is a tool the court may use that assess the psychological needs of the child and what custody arrangement may work best to suit those needs. During an evaluation, a professional will look at the many aspects of your family. The expert may consider your family dynamics along with the needs of your children. Like the court, a psychologist completing an evaluation will always look at what is best for the children over your needs as parents. 

During the evaluation, the psychologist operates as an impartial party. He or she represents only the child’s interests. This can allow for an unbiased opinion that can influence the court when making decisions. 

You may not have a choice about whether a child custody evaluation occurs. The court may order it to happen as part of its investigation and research into your family during the process of determining custody. However, if the court does order one, then you will at least understand the process and reason behind it. This information is for education and is not legal advice. 

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