Workplace dos and don’ts during divorce

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When people in Kentucky are going through a divorce, they might also worry that it will affect their employment. It can be difficult to stay focused and productive at work, but it is also important to work through difficult emotions and try to balance the different parts of life during the divorce.

For example, people might succumb to being workaholics rather than dealing with their feelings. This can feel productive and may help distract from some of the most painful parts of divorce, but it is ultimately not healthy. Instead, people might want to try to take a little time off work. They should also consider looking to friends for support rather than coworkers or supervisors. In some workplaces, talking to a manager and colleagues about the divorce can be helpful, but if the environment is especially competitive, this could be a mistake.

People might want to try to resolve their feelings by considering what part they played in the marriage’s end and understanding their spouse’s point of view as well. They may also want to focus on forgiving themselves and their spouse.

This might help some people approach the divorce itself from a more stable position emotionally. Some couples prefer to negotiate an agreement for property division and child custody instead of going to litigation. This can be less stressful, particularly for parents who may be able to emerge with a healthier coparenting relationship than they might have following a custody battle in court. However, overwhelming guilt or anger can sabotage this process. People might give up more than they should financially if they feel guilty or put up roadblocks to progress if they are angry. An attorney may be able to help a person focus and prioritize so they are able to get the type of agreement they want.

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