Out of state relocation and child custody agreements

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When a custodial parent in Kentucky decides on a long-distance move, the result can be further complications to an already challenging situation. Custody rights and visitation will be directly affected. And it may also become necessary for the child to maintain a long-distance relationship with a parent.

Custodial parents who opt for a relocation to another state with minor children will need to show good reason to a judge before this permission is granted. The court will have the final say on the matter and a number of factors will be considered before a decision is reached. A parent that does not abide by the court’s order will face serious consequences.

The best interest of a particular child will be determined on a case by case basis but there are some standard issues that shape all custody and visitation discussions. The ultimate goal is to provide for the security, happiness, emotional development, and mental health of the child. Many would agree that maintaining a close and loving relationship with both parents is the best way to facilitate the happiness of a child but the close part can become difficult when parents divorce.

Some factors commonly considered by the court are the wishes of the child if he or she is old enough to express them, a mental and physical health assessment of both parents, and how each parent would address any special needs the child at the center of the custody issue may possess.

Relocating to another state with a minor child is a large undertaking regardless of the circumstances. But things can become much more complicated when the child in question is the subject of a previous child custody agreement. Individuals who find themselves on either side of this matter may benefit from speaking to a family law attorney about the rights they possess and the steps necessary to protect those rights.

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