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Relocation and child custody

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People in Kentucky know that family moves are always difficult because changing residences requires a lot of planning. The logistics can get complicated, especially with little kids. When a divorced parent needs to relocate, that adds a whole other dimension to the issue.

Moving is hard on kids

Sometimes, people are moving to take advantage of an exciting new job opportunity. But for kids, moving can be a reminder of how little control they have in their own lives. They don’t want to leave their friends. Their new environment is full of challenges: new schools, new classmates and maybe even new standards for what’s cool.

It’s easy to see why some children become depressed over moves. Luckily, there are ways to help a child cope with the stresses brought on by relocation. It’s a good idea to join local clubs or organizations in your new location. Making links with other parents is one way to find out about school quality and recreational programs. It may even lead to introductions between your child and theirs to form friendships.

Attending to a child’s needs

If children show more than normal nervousness, it can be good to seek professional help. Signs of depression include uncontrollable crying, self-harm and sleep difficulties. If a child is unusually quiet or their eating habits change, those are also signs that something may be up.

Divorced or divorcing parents who need to relocate for work may want to consult an experienced family law attorney. Writing a child custody schedule that works for everyone is often a challenge, and relocation can make it even more complicated, but children and parents have a right to develop relationships with each other.


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Photo of Kenneth L. Gibson Jr.