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Why do people have trouble moving on after a divorce?

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Once a divorce in Kentucky has been finalized, both parties might feel like they can finally move on with their lives. But when they go their separate ways, they may realize that moving on isn’t as easy as it seemed. Moving on after a divorce presents a completely new set of challenges that can make people wonder if they made the right decision.

What are some of the most common challenges after a divorce?

After getting a divorce, many people are told that they have to forgive their spouse if they want to move on. Maybe they don’t want to forgive their former spouse; they want to remember what they did and hold a grudge. However, that type of mindset can make it difficult for people to move on as they often find themselves dwelling in the past.

Additionally, some divorced people have trouble letting go of the past. Their former relationship was toxic, but maybe it was all they knew. Sometimes, they cling to old habits and fears because it’s easier than building a new life. Their fear of letting go makes it difficult to move on without their former spouse.

Many parents also have trouble taking care of themselves after a divorce. They’re so wrapped up in their child’s thoughts and feelings about the split that they don’t stop to take care of their own emotional health. This can make it difficult for divorced parents to move on with their lives.

Where can a parent find assistance with filing for divorce?

Hiring an attorney might make it easier to get through the divorce process and move forward. An attorney may help their client prepare themselves for the divorce and educate them on potential disputes that might arise. The attorney may also be able to help their client protect some of their financial properties.


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