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Key ways you could harm your children in a divorce

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Emotions can often get out of hand in a divorce. When this happens, both you and your spouse will suffer. Yet your children will suffer even more.

Children are the unwitting casualties of divorce. You need to ensure your issues with your spouse do not harm your children.

A low conflict divorce is better for your children

Here are some things to watch out for during and after divorce:

  • Using your children as a bargaining tool: Avoid making your child feel they are an object you are fighting over and can win or lose.
  • Talking negatively about the other parent in front of your children: However much of a lousy spouse or ex the other person is, they are still your child’s parent. Find someone else to express your frustration to.
  • Using the other parent as a threat: Telling your child that if they do not behave, you will tell their mom paints their mom in a bad light.
  • Threatening to drop out of their life: Parenting can be frustrating at times. Never threaten that you will not be able to see your child any longer if they do not behave. The divorce creates enough insecurity for a child as it is.
  • Trying to outdo the other parent: There is nothing wrong with trying to be a better parent. Yet avoid competing with the other parent on material things. If they take the children to Disney World in Florida, it does not mean you need to take the kids to Disneyland Paris.

The smoother you can make the divorce process, the better it will be for all involved. There may be times when you need to take a tough stance to get a fair deal. However, if you can use collaborative law or mediation to negotiate your divorce, it can save you time, money and conflict. It puts you and your spouse in a better position to continue your relationship as parents to your child.


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