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Photo of Kenneth L. Gibson Jr.
Photo of Kenneth L. Gibson Jr.

Changing your perspective about property division in Kentucky

| Oct 19, 2021 | property division | 0 comments

In our time serving divorcing residents of Louisville, Kentucky, we have seen people view property division in two common ways. A husband or wife, for example, may be angry with their spouse and are eager to secure any property possible in their divorce. Another spouse may simply want to divorce and not care about anything else aside from ending their marriage.

Unfortunately, both mindsets can turn your divorce into a tragedy right from its onset. It is better for you to learn the true purpose of fair property division before you unintentionally make the process more complicated.

How can these two mindsets affect your property settlement?

Kentucky follows the equitable division doctrine when addressing marital property. What this means is, a court never assumes that assets acquired in a marriage automatically belong to both spouses.

If you fail to exercise your right to receive an equitable share of your marital property, it can put your future finances in extreme jeopardy. 

Family courts and judges strive to come up with a fair settlement if the two spouses cannot agree. However, if you do not fight for your property rights, you may be left without sufficient means to support yourself after the divorce.

On the other hand, if your top goal is to sabotage your spouse and take them for everything you can, the courts will not look kindly on you. As we mentioned above, we reside in a state that cares about fair property settlements. Taking an angry or overly aggressive approach to property division may raise the alarm among family court officials.

Increasing your knowledge of property division in Kentucky can ensure you protect your marital property rights.


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Photo of Kenneth L. Gibson Jr.