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The dos and don’ts of fighting for child custody in Kentucky

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Some parents in Louisville, Kentucky, agree on child custody and visitation issues. However, these parents are likely in the minority. Unfortunately, many parents cannot reach an agreement in child-related matters, at least not right away.

You both want time with your kids and you both love them, so who deserves custody? The answer is, you both do, but courts must make decisions that promote the best interests of your children.

Your actions may help or harm your quest for custody

Often, one or both parents disagree with a court’s decision. However, it is unwise to refuse to comply with the instructions handed down by a judge. Instead, consider following the dos and don’ts discussed below when fighting for your child custody rights:

  • Do ask for an in-home evaluation. The opinion of a court-appointed professional can convince the court that you are a responsible parent with a safe home environment.
  • Do cooperate with your co-parent. If you show a court that you are willing to cooperate with your ex, it may improve your side of the custody case.
  • Do present yourself in court well. Make sure to dress appropriately for court hearings or procedures and always be on your best behavior before a judge.
  • Do not exaggerate or lie. If you invent stories to sway a court’s decision, it will likely backfire and harm your custody rights.
  • Do not put your kids in the middle. Courts appreciate parents that try to protect their children from the harmful effects of divorce.
  • Do not miss or reschedule parenting time. If you do either of these things, the court may assume you are not interested in winning custody.

Family courts want to remain fair to children and their parents. You can do your part to encourage an equitable child custody decision by increasing your knowledge of family law in Kentucky.


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Photo of Kenneth L. Gibson Jr.