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How do you convince the courts to approve a relocation?

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You may want to make some big changes to your life after your divorce. Staying in the same neighborhood or working at the same business could bring up a lot of unpleasant memories. You might start looking to make arrangements for a better situation for you and your children.

Of course, since you share custody with your ex, making a big change about where you live or where you work will require approval. Relocations in shared custody scenarios in Kentucky require the consent of the other parent or the approval of the courts.

If your ex isn’t going to cooperate, how can you get approval from the courts?

Make the move all about the kids

There is no guarantee of success when trying to modify a custody arrangement, which is what happens when you make a relocation request. The judge can change the custody order to permit your relocation outside of the area where you currently live or deny you the change. They could even give your ex more parenting time.

All custody matters contested between the parents get decided based on what a judge thinks is best for the children. For those hoping to get approval for relocation, the best approach may involve showing what opportunities and benefits will exist for your children. Better schools, more family members nearby or friends from earlier in their school experience could all be compelling reasons for your children to relocate.

Your chances of success when asking for a big change to your custody arrangement will be better if you can convince a judge that the move will be good for the kids, rather than making your arguments all about yourself. Learning more about what influences relocation hearings in Kentucky can help you plan for your future


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